6 Reasons Why You Should Love Your University Libraries.

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It is often difficult to find quiet spaces on the ABU campus. To avoid loud roommates and technological distractions, ABU students often seek an alternative place to study and get work done in a productive environment. The University Libraries are ideal for that purpose, and Ahmadu Bello University has several libraries and study space.

Aside from the main Kashim Ibrahim Library (KIL) In Samaru and President Kennedy Library in Kongo campus, the university also has faculty libraries in all the faculties and at least one department library in every department of the university and all its institutes and affiliates.

6 Reasons Why You Should Love Your University Library.
The Kashim Ibrahim Library Samaru

The importance of libraries can not be overemphasized. Libraries are very important for information, communication, and transformation. They help to inculcate a reading culture for an upward progression of people’s life. They also help reduce ignorance, thus empowering literacy, knowledge and skill acquisition.

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Here are 6 reasons why you should love your university libraries.

#1. Productivity

The University Libraries offer a calm and productive environment, as nearly everyone who enters the library is seeking to, research, complete an assignment or study. If you have a paper due the next day or need to work on a group project, you are more likely to get it done in the library.

Your surroundings can affect how you study and the amount of work you complete, so the university libraries will help you get things done.

#2. Space

While your hostel or off-k rooms may have a desk, your room may not be the best option for getting work done. You are constantly distracted by the noise echoing other roommates, neighbors or other activities hall or compound.

The University Libraries, on the other hand, offers a vast amount of space and environment that allows you to be completely isolated from others or sit in a common area with others. If you need to take a walk or change locations while you study, ABU libraries offer a variety of spaces to study including open seating areas, cubicles, closed corridors, study rooms, and more.

#3. Accountability

When you’re in the library, you will be less inclined to indulge in Netflix, scroll down your Instagram feeds or browse Facebook. You are also less likely to video chat your best friend from home on WhatsApp or even play music out loud. Seeing others around you being productive will encourage you to be productive and motivated.

#4. Comfortable Study Spaces

While some students may prefer to study in their bed or in their common room, that’s not an ideal situation as students may get too comfortable and become unproductive. But the University libraries offer comfortable public workspaces for ABU students. The university libraries offer study areas with comfortable stools, booths, and more to promote comfortable yet productive studying.

#5. Leaving Your Friends

The University is a time where you live with or near your closest friends. Being surrounded by your friends may be beneficial to the studies of a few but not the majority. It is an established fact that If you study with your friends, you are more inclined to be distracted. The University libraries will give you the space to study on your own, or your study group, and make the best use of your time.

#6. Resources

The University Libraries don’t just provide great study spaces for students; they also provide a great selection of books, rentals and more. The library provides countless resources, including skilled librarians who can help with research projects, the possibility of borrowing books from the libraries and help with various computer software.

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The Ahmadu Bello University has invested heavily in libraries to provide its students with a well-rounded educational experience, so all ABU students should take advantage of the university library. Libraries cultivate an environment that promotes academic achievement and the values of an intellectual.

So, before you skip out on the library, think about your academic goals and how you can pursue them by studying in the library.

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