Kubani Dam: Famously Known As The ABU Dam

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The Kubanni dam, popularly called ABU dam was constructed on River Kubanni Zaria, Nigeria in 1973. It was built by excavating the valley of River Kubanni and using the over burden as an embankment across the valley at about 300 metres downstream of Kubanni confluence.

The dam has a length of 800 metres and a concrete central section of 10.36 metres above the river bed. The lake major use is to supply water to the Ahmadu Bello University community. The dam catchment
area is 57km2, depth is 6 metres, water level during wet season is 644.81 metres and the corresponding crest is 646.34 metres.

The ABU Dam

The lake is located approximately within latitude 11o11’N and longitude 7o38’E in Samaru Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria. It is located within the premises of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) main campus. The Kubanni dam’s two major tributaries are the Kampangi and Samaru streams.

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The Kampagi stream originates from a rural and intensive agricultural settlements and has a seasonal flow, whereas Samaru stream that originates from a semi-urban and passes through the densely populated Samaru settlement and ABU main campus has an all year-round flow due to its sustenance by urban run offs and seepages.

More photos of ABU Dam below:

The ABU dam
Photo credit: ikenna17
The ABU Dam jpg
Photo credit: Ikenna
Kubani Dam: Famously Known As The ABU Dam 2
Photo credit: Irene Beeker
Kubani Dam: Famously Known As The ABU Dam 3
Another view of ABU Dam. Photo Credit: Ikenna
Kubani Dam: Famously Known As The ABU Dam 4

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