Our Covid-19 Remedy Meant To Boost Immunity – ABU Professors

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A team of ABU professors searching for a remedy against COVID-19 has said their work is geared towards providing herbal cocktail that is beneficial as an immune boost in patients with the disease symptoms.

A leader in the team, Professor Haruna Abdu Kaita made this clarification against the backdrop that cure for the novel disease is not yet found, saying however that all hands are on deck in searching for appropriate vaccine.

Our Covid-19 Remedy

Kaita said: “Unlike other viruses, the coronavirus-2 is highly contagious with very insidious mode of transmission due to the lengthy incubation of asymptomatic viral carriers.

Scientists are everywhere tirelessly participating in the efforts to get suitable remedies against the disease caused by the virus. The scientific community has so far suggested various epidemiologic methods of containing the Covid-19 pandemic with remarkable success.

Various treatment agents are presently at various stages of clinical trials like remdesivir from Gilead, Kevzara from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Actemra from Roche.

“The absence of a viable treatment has indeed led to a situation in which many people who manifested the symptoms of COVID-19 are left with no option than to resort to various herbal remedies. Our team of pharmaceutical researchers has decided to observe and record the herbal remedies being used.

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“Incidentally, most of the herbs being used are among the main recipes in traditional medication therapies. Some of the herbal substances used have been scientifically reported to stimulate the immune system when applied for the prevention and treatment of a common cold. 

“These are the herbs we are investigating as we intend to present them in adjusted, measured proportions and in suitable dosage forms as immune stimulants to enable the body to overcome the COVID-19.”

He explained that patients with underlying health challenges or depressed immunity may find their herbal remedy beneficial in order to boost their immunity with the hope of overcoming the Covid-19 infection

Kaita explained further: “Alternative treatment therapies, of course, hold a lot of promise when subjected to the rigors of the necessary scientific procedures.

It may be interesting to know that during the previous outbreaks of SARS, one of us has participated in collaborative works where various herbal preparations were tested for neuraminidase inhibitory activity against the SARS virus.

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However, because coronavirus-2 does not contain neuraminidase, acceptable protocol and clinical trials are designed to screen our targeted herbal preparations before being presented as a promising candidate for anti-COVID-19 therapy.”

Recall that theabusites had earlier on Wednesday, 13th reported 2020, reported that a team of professors from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria says it has found a remedy for COVID-19.

Speaking with newsmen, one of the leading researchers, Professor Haruna Abdu Kaita, said the COVID-19 remedy was developed from local plants that are available in different parts of Nigeria.

He said when the medication is made public, the herbs used would also be made public “for the sake of transparency.”

“We will do this for scientists across the world to scrutinise our remedy and come up with any challenge; particularly regarding the safety of the medication.

“What I mean is that, everything we used will be made public for scientific scrutiny.” he concluded.

The development has placed ABU Zaria in the leadership position among Nigerian universities in terms of research and innovation towards the fight against the deadly coronavirus.

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Recall that Usman Dalhatu, a 200-level student of Mechanical Engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, in April 2020, designed and produced a manual ventilator, to be used in treating coronavirus patients.

Dalhatu, who just clocked 20, Said he decided to fabricate the manual ventilator as part of efforts to assist the Federal Government (FG) contain the pandemic, whose cases have been on the rise in the country.

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Usman later transformed his emergency ventilator idea into an ultra-modern portable E-vent automatic ventilator named respire-19.

The Kaduna State ICT Hub recently granted financial resources to Dalhatu Usman for the production of ‘sophisticated’ ventilators. A task he has since commenced.

Just days ago, a team of ABU engineers designed and developed an ICU ventilator and a 4-in-1 automatic hand sanitizing machine at the Equipment maintenance and development center of the University.

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