Zaria: The Fulcrum?

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By Muhammad Hashim

In Zaria and its environs, kidnapping is no more a distant reality. In fact, if recent happenings are indices (sic), then things may be really bad to come. As things stand, Zaria seems to become a fulcrum for the activities of kidnappers who easily find unguarded citizens to feast on.

Now, villages around Zaria, particularly the Shika-Giwa and Saye axis have gradually become dacoit countryside where criminals are steadily making their presence felt.


In manifestation, it seems the embattled criminals from Zamfara, Katsina, and Abuja road fame are relocating to Zaria outskirts from whence they launch their kidnapping raids, unmolested into Zaria.


The story is the same from Hayin Malam, Zango, Bomo, Saye, Yakawada, Giwa, Dutsen Abba, Gangara, Shika, ABU, and now Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic Zaria residents, despite the presence of many security institutions, are being porched on as if we live in no man’s land.

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The kidnappers sneak in, make their presence felt through reckless gunshots, kidnap people, and move out effortlessly with little or no challenge from security architecture.

As blurry as the horizon seems to be, Zaria shouldn’t be allowed to become a centre where these animals with AKs regather to do what they know best to do.

In Zaria, we have the military presence, we have the police presence and we have the presence of other aspects of our security kinetic and none kinetic deposits to stop the build-up of a fulcrum that is no good to anyone.

As Zaria residents, we should endeavor to put things in place that’ll help the authorities to do their job. We should rise up to the situation and avoid being docile ducks awaiting the bullets of the criminals.

We know our terrain better than any element that may come to harm us. We should blend our knowledge of the terrain with all help we find to secure our localities, our areas, and our streets.

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The time to get ready was yesterday, today may be late and tomorrow is definitely late.

Muhammad Hashim is from the Department of Mass Communication, ABU Zaria.

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