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The shield of the land
With might of eagles soar high
In the the nebulous

Nigerian soldiers, night and day
With zeal burning for fatherland
Defend the land from darts and arrows
Bullets and bazooka booms

Nigerian soldiers, marching into darkness
Of unknown territories,
Marching in the face of flying bullets
Dying but marching forward

Nigerian Soldiers: Tribute to Abusites in the military

Nigerian soldiers, the right arm of Nigeria
Despite the fire ravaging the country
Caused by greedy heads and kleptomaniac palms
For the love of the country, sacrifice their lives
Sacrifice their freedom, liberty
Dying and buried in the belly of vultures
Dying in dark forests, in deserts, in the sea
Munched to death by flames ravaging eagles and hawks

Nigerian soldiers, sent into the wild
Like orphans, like birds, into the woods
Sent by Nigeria, to defend far-flung lands
Severed from families and friends,
Severed from the music of the city
And the serenity of the country-side’s woods
Cut off from humanity, flung into the wild
Scavenge for morsels of corn and carcasses in the wild

But remained in the dark like foetuses
Unknown, unsung Nigerians
Dying in infernos not by them caused
Slayed and maimed and disfigured
Still love the country and prepared to die in its defence

Nigerian soldiers, lambs of our silence
Taken to the slaughter-house because
Our tongues cleaved to the roof of our mouths
Lambs sacrificed on altars of greed
Lambs wasted in fields of stolen mandates

Nigerian soldiers, breed of patriots
Nigerian soldiers, extinguishers of distant flames
Nigerian soldiers, Nigerians
Horses with wings of eagles,
Eagles with horsepower
Flying high above all political storms
Running through spikes on our road to nationhood
Putting out fires enkindled by region and religion craze

Nigerian soldiers, drawn from diverse tongues
And creeds
But bound in love for the country and us all

With heart brewing and brimming with love
Sing this song for unknown soldiers
Lamb ready to die for peace that eluded us!

By Akwu Sunday Victor

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