THIS IS USMAN by Muhammad Hashim Suleiman

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By Muhammad Hashim Suleiman

This is Usman, my physically challenged (what others call blind) student. I refuse to see Usman as blind because what he lacks in sight, Allah has given him in retentive memory and power of vivid and lucid explanation.

Also, I refuse to see Usman as blind because when I go into our society, I see able-bodied men begging while in my classroom, I listen to Usman’s broadcast quality voice doing justice to my classroom discussions.

Usman is an epitome of hard work, dedication and selflessness. He’s so dedicated that he knew the names of his classmates by their voices alone. He’s so selfless that in many instances, I come across him explaining mass communication courses to his peers and junior ones.


Usman is so hardworking that despite his physical challenges, he graduated with a 2.2 degree in a class where many of his peers were either withdrawn due to poor academic performance or managed to graduate with a third class degree.

During examinations, Usman marvels not only his lecturers both all those with discernable minds. In his digitally waltzing voice, you hear him: “Malam, I’m done with question one, can you please read question two for me?” This was while many of his peers where rattling to attempt the first question.

While his peers around him in the exam Hall are busy looking at the ceiling, the sound of Usman’s braille typewriter always reminds them about the serious business going on in the exam Hall.

In many instances than one, as an invigilator, before I begin warning students of the few minutes remaining for the examination, Usman is already awaiting a friend that would guide him out of the hall.

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Apart from giving me a serious reason to be more thankful to my creator (I have full sight), Usman also give me more reason to maintain social relationships. Though a pious Muslim, throughout his stay in the university, his closest friend, Silas was a pious and dedicated Christian. They were always seen together with no single rancour. Usman is a man of all, he had no beefing business with any of his peers.

Further, when it was time for Usman to write his undergrad project, some of us where in a fix: could he do it? Though not his supervisor, Usman approached me about his project writing. He wasn’t happy that some people where asking him to just do a radio program in place of writing his project.

In his self assuring self, Usman wrote a project in which he used FGD and survey: two methods that students with full capabilities usually find difficult to accomplish.

That’s Usman. He’s done his best and succeeded against all odds. I know for sure, because of Usman’s success, the university is also becoming friendly to those with challenges like his. Now, we have two more physically challenged students in the department trying to replicate Usman’s legacies.

Now that Usman is a graduate, what would his state of Katsina do to make him a continuation of success story? Would his state of Katsina use Usman as a powerful pointer to others like him so that they’ll have an idol to look up to or they’ll allow him to join the wild labour market?

Indeed, Usman needs you, his state and Nigeria. He’s done his best by not joining hundreds of beggars on the street. The least his state should do to him is automatic employment. He has the qualifications, he has the capability, he has the studio voice and he has the aptitude and dedication to be a resourceful civil servant.

Written By Muhammad Hashim Suleiman

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