The Story Of Mallam Adamu Kontagora

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It was Philip Pullman who wrote: “After Nourishments, Shelter, and Companionship, Stories are the thing we need most in the world”.

Once upon a time, in the town of Kontagora was born, a bridge-builder, people person, man of destiny, man of purpose, and facilitator of social, ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic integration:

Mallam Adamu Kontagora
Mallam Adamu Kontagora
Mallam Adamu Kontagora

Mallam Adamu Kontagora therefore biologically hails from Niger State but equally hails from Rivers State, nay the South-South, by adoption.

Mallam Kontagora is a Trade And Investment technocrat and a General Manager Trade And Investment, at the Onne Free Trade Zone Authority.

In this capacity he has represented Nigeria in more than 50 countries, attracting foreign trade investment opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector of the Nigeria economy; recording a high level of inflow of FDI; which has repositioned Nigeria as a leading player in the Oil and Gas activities in the world today.

Mallam Adamu Kontagora, an ABU Zaria trained mathematician has spent all his working life living, interacting, and socializing with the people of Rivers State, Port Harcourt, and the South-South, fostering and building national integration and unity, using the platform of the ABU Alumni Association, Rivers State Branch.

As a student in ABU, Mallam Adamu Kontagora is remembered for his dynamic positive student unionism under the auspices of the National Association of Mathematics Students [NAMS], where he served as National President and is credited with creating the Association’s Motto: “Critical thought for Critical Minds”.

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Since identifying with the Rivers State Branch of the ABU Alumni Association, Mallam Adamu Kontagora has carved a niche for himself, by contributing so many lofty ideas, serving as a rallying point during strategic crisis resolution and idea generation, as a member of the famed Strategic Planning Committee of the Rivers Branch; all of these with a very humble and likable mien. These are the priceless leadership quotients lacking in many Nigerian self-effacing leaders of today.

Mallam Adamu Kontagora reminds one of the yore days of Nigeria’s history when Igbos were known to have won elections in Lagos, Northerners won elections in Enugu and the likes.

Mallam Adamu’s Aspiration

The entire members of the ABU Alumni Association in the Rivers State Branch and Distinguished colleagues across the entire South-South, having consulted widely within ourselves, and reached out to our kit and kins across the other geopolitical equations of our Association, do hereby present this epitome of National Unity, having served creditably as the Chairman of the Rivers State Branch, and former Vice Chairman of the same Branch, consistently actively participating in the NCC and actively attended all AGAs since he joined the Association, with numerous contributions to his credit on the floors of the house, for the position of Deputy National President of the ABU Alumni Association in the forthcoming 14th AGA Elections.

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What Mallam Adamu Kontagora Represents
  • A People Person
  • A Respectful, Responsible and Responsive person.
  • A Highly Accountable
  • A Bridge Building Person
  • A Bastion of Critical
    /meaningful Experience in
    ABU Alumni matters and
    General Administration.
  • A High Net worth person
    from a critical sector of the
  • A Detribalized Nigerian
  • A Symbol of National Unity
    and Integration.

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