That Lady and her ABU Admission Quest…

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By Abdullahi O.Haruna Haruspice

I have read very bias and intolerable submissions following the alleged denial of admission to a little girl who scored 300 in JAMB and Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria denied her admission to study medicine! Some are spewing in smelly venom and prejudice that the lady was not considered because of her faith. How low people can go in this era of openness. If you are in search of a school that prides itself with merit, go to ABU Zaria.

I was denied admission twice in ABU Zaria to study Mass Comm even as a Muslim and northerner until the third time when I was eventually admitted. Sometimes, it’s not the grade that gives you the edge, it is grace. Going in search of something with a biased mind is enough to be denied that opportunity. ABU is the University in Nigeria where you will find all the tribes. The only university where an Igbo guy could win a Student Union President.

That Lady and her ABU Admission Quest

According to unconfirmed report, ‘More than 20 applicants from her state that applied for MBBS have average points of 330+ compared to her 287’.

The lady in reference had been offered admission in the Department of Human Anatomy. But because we are a generation that thrives more on inanities, we have turned the matter to a tribal and religious war hurling insults left, right and centre.

For those with limited knowledge of ABU Zaria, that place is one of the standards of objectivity, its that hub of merit where your class, tribe, religion or wealth does not define your intellect. You are given what you deserve and it can be contested anywhere. It is that citadel where you find equal ground for tribal, religious, political and academic aspirations.

All freedom exist in ABU except the freedom for moral debasement. The school you read or hear of rape, cultism and violent crimes only in books. I challenge anyone to refute my stance! The years I spent in ABU, I never witnessed any violent crime except for a few isolated cases of religious /political mischiefs orchestrated mostly by those who want to prolong their stay in school because of the benefits that come with association leadership. And trust the management, such nuisance upsurge are usually nipped in the mud before it gained life.

Let’s make a case for the lady not because she is the most qualified but because she should be encouraged to manifest her aspirations to become a medical doctor. Nothing is achieved using the trumpet of sentiments and prejudice, but a lot can be achieved with the sense and tact.

Written by: Abdullahi O.Haruna Haruspice, An Abusite

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