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Signing out: We diversely came to the world but are entwined by providence. We started the journey together in 2015/2016 at the prestigious AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA; a place where hospitality dances with us in every crib; home of equity, unity (despite cultural diversity), progress, faith, and prosperity; a place where success comes naturally!

I redolent the steps I have taken in Zaria to get to this position; in the scorching sun; in the harmattan whistling foggy wind and in the rains. The fear of examinations; that moment my veins seem nervous and my confidence has waned, and eschewing myself from having a problem with schoolmates, lecturers, and Zaria community. It was a boisterous task but worth it!

ABU Zaria Biological Sciences class of 2019 signing out
ABU Zaria Biological Sciences class of 2019

Today is indeed a great day; a day our parents/guardians, friends and family members are happy about. The nightingales sings only for our success today, across the oceans the whales jubilates, the Phoenician bird feels like emerging from the ashes as a new Phoenix again just to celebrate us, and on the dry land our souls glorifies!

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And just after today’s paper, I saw the department bathed in euphoria, and I saw my course mates feeling on top of the world and filled with gratitude, singing and dancing to different songs and signing on their white t-shirts. Yay! First degree programme done and dusted!

To the Almighty God; in whom we are nothing but clay molded statue breathes into and a mere sculptural work in His hand – unquestionable is Your name! Thank you for bringing us thus far. 🙏🙏

To those that fell off this train, shake off your bruise and pain, and continue in the space. For slow and steady win the race. Going to school is indeed a herculean task; we dare to challenge the lions, and roar louder, howl like the wolves in the cruel dark night. After exams, we bring down the heavens on earth, forget about the frustration in the air and dine in the struggle.

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‘Aluta continua’ we sing in pain;
‘Victoria acerta’ we have as gain!
Terrific, herculean and deadly-won it looks, our victory is sure in this course! Dei gratia!

Written by: Abdulbasit Momohjimoh

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    Congratulations to us.

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