ABUSITE OPINION: The Best Way forward in Salvaging Nigeria By Basheer Adeiza

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Everyone keeps on asking what is the way forward in salvaging Nigeria. In my opinion, the solution lies in the hands of the youth.

First we need to stop ourselves from being used as pawns!!! Youths are the ones involved in insurgency, militancy, cultism, political thuggery, oil bunkering, internet fraud, prostitution, exam malpractice, smuggling, rape, armed robbery, drug and substance abuse, alcoholism, religious extremism, election rigging, 419, lesbianism, corruption, lawlessness, internet troll, results falsification and all other vices too numerous to mention.

The way forward in salvaging Nigeria

Why allow yourself to be used by those with power, money and influence? If we can start from here by breaking the bond of being used as pawns, then our problem is 50% solved. But this will be difficult because those with power, wealth and influence are our relatives, friends and bosses and have a lot of influence over our economic, social and moral well being. They may decide to use their influence or strangulate us but just be reassured that nothing lasts forever.

This brings up the second point which is financial independence. Many youth are still dependent into early 30’s and this is very bad for the future of our country. In advanced countries, young people can hardly wait to turn 18 so they can legally move out of their parents and guardians clutches but we become more financially dependent on our parents/guardians from this age because that’s when we start the higher institution.

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People in their late 20s and early 30s in developed countries are the ones driving the economy, creating jobs and making money for themselves. Facebook CEO is just one example out of millions. What innovations have we come up with? What problems have we proffered solutions too? What’s suggestions have we put forward to solve our national challenges? NONE! We prefer to wait in line for our turn to come so that we can steal from where we did not sow just like the generation before us.

Be rest assured that the generation in power have no plans to leave anything for our generation to loot. In fact, they don’t even plan to leave a country for us. It is high time we ask ourselves why we are so comfortable with the status quo? Look at all those struggling for power today, 50% are the same people that were struggling for power 30 years ago and the remaining 50% are the children, relatives and protege of those who use to be in power and you think they have us in mind?

Our generation is so much immersed in nepotism, favouritism and sentimentality created by those in power to blind us while they plunder our common wealth at our detriment and those of the generation unborn.

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What is the solution? Simple, those youth that have been able to come out successful (like me and you) should carry others along by showing concern and uplifting those who were not so fortunate. But rather we want to show that we “have arrived” by showing off our ill gotten wealth and as such we alienate ourselves from those who were not as fortunate as us.

Even if your wealth was gotten by hard work, must we show off? Ask yourself, when last did you call a primary school friend who never made it to university? Have you ever paid school fees for your neighbours child who was sent home from school? Have you adopted a less fortunate child to fund through school? We don’t do these, and yet we wonder why a boy can kill and maim for as little as 200 Naira or why a girl will prostitute just for 500 Naira.

Ignorance, illiteracy, ethnicity, religion and poverty are tools the ruling class are using to divide us and we must break these shackles for us to succeed. Nigerian Youths must be ready to carry each other along so that even if all of us do not reach the finishing line at the same time, nobody is left at the starting line when some have finished.

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