Prof Shoeneich: A Legend that history will never forget

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By Abdulaziz Ta’ariq

While growing up, I always read and was told about Legends that history can never forget. Legends that did the little things right not for praises or gifts but simply because it was the right thing to do.

I never imagined I would meet one in my lifetime, let alone be inspired and mentored by one. Meet Prof Shoeneich… A Living Legend and one of ABU’s greatest living monuments.

Prof Shoeneich: A Legends that history will never
Prof. K. Shoeneich. Photo credit Kingsville photos

One thing that amazes me with this man is his patience while walking. To be sincere, I have never seen him in a car before. His feet are his wheels for he believes that by trekking, he is reducing his carbon footprints on the earth’s surface and helping nature.

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His humility is priceless. When you greet him, he removes his cap, bows his head and replies, “Good day, Ma’am/Sir”. This gesture was always heart-melting.

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Prof Shoeneich is a gift to Nature. The trees, the birds, the cats & all other animals loved him because he always cared & nurtured them.

He almost never walks alone for there’s always a cat strolling right behind him…Lol. He walks with nature.

He was always against the cutting down of trees. He constantly preaches about harnessing “Geothermal energy as an alternative source of fuel in Nigerian homes”.

Prof Shoeneich never misses any program that has “Environmental Sustainability ” attached to it. I once engaged him in a conversation. All he spoke about was Environmental Sustainability. If he was to give a TEDTalks on the Environment, it would be one of the longest ted talks ever given.

He can convince you to dump your cars & start trekking. He told me that he is old, but still has a longer life span than most Nigerians because he’s always in motion with his feet & not in cars. All I can say is, the world, Nigeria & the North has been blessed with his presence.

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Prof, As you leave for Poland after 40 years in Nigeria, May God grant you long life to keep reaping the fruits of your labour. Thanks for all the lessons you’ve taught us.

Please say a prayer for this living Legend. Thank you as you do so.
Love and Respect Nature.

Abdulaziz Ta’ariq is an Abusite and the cofounder of Youth Making a Difference Foundation – YMADnigeria

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