Prof Augustine Awasum: The ABU Lecturer Jailed in Cameroon with $525M fine

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Prof Augustine Awasum is an erudite Scholar, Researcher, Professor of Surgery in the Department of Veterinary Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

He has worked in the Nigerian educational system for more than twenty years, has trained hundreds of veterinary surgeons, and received a special commendation from two Nigerian Presidents.

Prof Augustine Awasum was born on 4th May 1968 in Bamenda, Mezam County in the Southern Cameroons, into the family of Camillus Ndanji Awasum (late) and Anastasia Ngwe Awasum. He holds a PhD and Masters in Surgery and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

Prof Cheh Augustine Awasum

He has Masters degrees in several other disciplines including International Affairs, Diplomacy, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, and a postgraduate Diploma in Education. He was Head, Surgery Unit VTH, Postgraduate Coordinator and Member of the ABU University Senate.

He is a FELLOW and Instructor in the College of Veterinary Surgeons Nigeria. He rose through the ranks from a registrar, to Principal Consultant Surgeon. A visiting scholar and Chief External Examiner to several universities national and international.

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Prof Cheh Augustine Awasum is a Member of several Departmental, faculty, university, and national Research Committees including the World Bank sponsored research on Neglected Tropical Diseases. His novelty is the use of Monti’s mathematics in graft surgery.

He has contributed over 110 articles in peer-reviewed journals, conferences proceedings, and seminars at both national and international levels. He has co-authored several chapters in books/manuals in surgery.

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His achievements earned him informal commendations from the then Executive Chairman of the Nigerian Petroleum Trust Funds (PTF) now President M. Buhari and from the Former Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Gen. Yakubu Gowon Rtd.

Prof Cheh Augustine Awasum has also been cited in the 2002 WHO-IS-WHO in Veterinary Surgery from across the African continent. Besides being a surgeon, he elucidated animals as the forgotten Victims of insurgencies and war.

He is a recipient of several awards especially from Civil Societies for his community service in the aspects of environmental health, public health, and Philanthropy. An activist since he was 17yrs old, involved in party politics, and the struggle for the emancipation of the Southern Cameroonians since he was a High School student.

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He has been President and leader of several sociopolitical and human rights advocacy groups, student unions, and civil societies.

Alongside Dr. Kimeng Henry, an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria, and 10 others, he was abducted, detained and later deported to La Republique du Cameroun and held in solitary confinement at the maximum prison detention at SED.

They were moved on November 22nd, 2018 to the Kondengui maximum principal prison, Yaoundé Lrc and Charged on January 10th, to the Yaoundé military tribunal.

Following several court hearings condemned by all human rights organizations as a violation of the rights to a fair trial, He and his nine compatriots were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined $525 million on August 20 2019.

Prof Cheh Augustine Awasum is a registered Asylum seeker with UNHCR in Nigeria. He is married and father of one.

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