The Objectification Of Women – Prof Yusuf Dankofa, ABU Zaria

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Most modern men hate anything that is decent. To make it appealing, they call it liberalisation. The objectification of women is a clear example.

For women to be adored as musicians, they must appear nude on stage. To sell your music, you must debase womanhood. It is not even an issue when men wear caps/hats but becomes derision when women cover their heads. The entire agenda is to make women easy and cheap to access and most women are not even aware or rather they play into the hands of this grand chauvinism.

The Objectification Of Women - Prof Yusuf Dankofa, ABU Zaria

The female activists don’t even understand it as an agenda to pursue because money is to be made by showing women as objects of pleasure rather than human capital. When big businesses like GLO, MTN etc wants to advertise and market their products, they enlist young half Unclad girls to be dancing to music in public places like chained monkeys. How the girls and reasonable members of the public do not find this appalling and disgusting continue to beat my imagination.

Beauty contest is the most irrational of how society turns young women into empty vessels. No matter how educated, you find young girls in large numbers competing to be slept with by organisers so as to be adjudged the most beautiful in physique and not the most successful in science and technology.

They will outdo themselves in orgies to satisfy the idiots who are using them to make money and at the end of the day, the winner who shamelessly must have slept with hundreds of those in charge will gleefully thank God and Nigerians for making her dreams of getting a car and an all expenses trip to Dubai a reality as if it takes any skill to become the most beautiful girl if not acquiescence to be humiliated and deflowered.

The horror of it all is that you never find the daughters of the rich organisers of the pageants, neither of those who are supporting, enjoying and profiting from this dehumanization of these girls. How many of the daughters of the elites will agree to be dancing like monkeys for Indomie to be advertised on the streets? The answer is in the negative. This crass exploitation by rich capitalist is mostly geared towards the daughters of the poor.

For as long as the daughters of the poor continue to be used as cannon fodder to entertain humanity with the conspiracy of silence from the society, there is no likely hood that the daughters of the rich will also escape being exploited by these so called business moguls because, as we all know karma is a bitch.

The earlier this becomes an agenda of women’s right group the better. If objectifying our feminine gender as tools for making money through sexual desires does not catch the attention of this group as a gross violation of the right to the dignity of our women, then i don’t know what represents such violations.

Yusuf Dankofa, is a professor of law in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

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