New ABU transcript request platform: How to process ABU transcript in 24hrs

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Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, has designed a transcript request and certificate verification platform where graduates can apply for an E-copy Of ABU transcript and have it delivered to any recognized university across the globe within 24 hours.

This comes as delightful news to the numerous graduates of the University who are frustrated over the inability to obtain their official academic transcripts in good time.

The rigors of obtaining a transcript from a Nigerian university after your studies are well-documented. These rigors have caused several students to miss out on opportunities like scholarships, postgraduate studies, or even career ambitions.

Years have gone by, and the issues of the delayed school transcript-collection process are becoming more and more frustrating for Nigerian graduates.

Students talk about the challenges they face in the transcript collection process at tertiary institutions across Nigeria, to the extent that obtaining a transcript within 24 or even 48hrs through a hitch-free process would seem a myth to many. But ABU Zaria has made this a reality.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for an E-copy of your ABU transcript and have it delivered to any recognized university across the globe within 24 hours.

To make an ABU transcript request, simply visit the ABU trancript request platform and click on the ‘TRANSCRIPT REQUEST‘ link on your left side.

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Abu transcript request

Fill in your details accurately as required. Please note that it is necessary that you provide a valid email address on the request form. This will enable the portal to automatically send you emails, giving you updates of every transaction you carry out on the portal.

How to initiate an ABU transcript request

Upon your first visit to the platform, you must create an account by simply entering your matric number, the system will retrieve your records and populate the form for you.

New ABU transcript request platform: How to process ABU transcript in 24hrs 2

If your records are missing in our system, then you must fill in the form providing the following details accurately: Surname, First name, Other names, Matriculation number (IN THIS FORMAT – U04CS1032, U12CS1006, etc), email address, Nationality, State, Local Government, Contact Address, Permanent Address, Date of Birth(yy-mm-dd), Gender, Phone Number and choose your password which will enable you to get access to your account anytime.

But if you have visited the platform previously, and have successfully created an account, you must skip the process of filling the form and simply enter your matriculation number and the password to log in and complete your transcript request form or check your application status or make more requests of your transcript.

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You are expected to provide details about the transcript you are requesting (destination) as follows:

  • Name of the Institution or Organization that the transcript is to be sent to,
  • Address of that institution or organization,
  • City, State, ZIP/Postcode (for foreign addresses), and Country.

PLEASE NOTE that the address you enter is the address that the courier will deliver your transcript to, and your transcript will bear this address, therefore, ensure that you are as detailed and accurate as possible.

You can request more than one transcript at a go, by selecting more than one copy in the option provided or by making different requests and adding them to your cart.

Payment Rates (Transcript Processing + Shipping)
  • Local Delivery: Local Transcript Delivery (within Nigeria) – 15,000 NGN
  • International Delivery: International Transcript Delivery (Outside Nigeria) – 50,000 NGN
  • International Delivery (E-copy): International Transcript Delivery (Outside Nigeria) – 5,000 NGN
  • Local Delivery (E-copy): Local Transcript Delivery (within Nigeria) – 5,000 NGN

NOTE: The above prices apply per transcript request.

ABU transcript Shipping Options

DHL: DHL Express provides both local and international express mail services.

FedEx: FedEx Corporation is a logistics services company that provides both local and international express courier services.

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EMS: EMS Speedpost provides express delivery services for documents and merchandise both locally and internationally.

NOTE: The above shipping options are available to both international and local users.

Payment Options

Master Card: This allows the use of Naira Mastercards. Click here to pay using this payment option

Verve: Allows the use of Interswitch debit cards. Click here to pay using this payment option

VISA: This allows the use of Valucard and Visa debit cards. Click here to pay using this payment option


This section is for Institutions/Organizations that have received Transcripts from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and wish to verify their authenticity.

Every valid transcript issued by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria has a serial ID on it. The serial ID
Must be provided to complete the verification process.

New ABU transcript request platform: How to process ABU transcript in 24hrs 3

NOTE: Transcripts may be verified up to five (5) times with one payment.

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