ABU Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

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The Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice is undoubtedly one of the famous and most popular programs of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. It is a brainchild of the Department of Sociology under the faculty of social science. Hardly will you find any top-ranking security personnel in Nigeria who hasn’t undergone the program or is planning to do so.

Amongst its illustrious participants are personalities like Abdullahi Gana Mohammadu, Current Commandant General of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp, MOHAMMED BABANDEDE, Controller General of Nigeria Immigration Service etc.

Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria - MOHAMMED BABANDEDE, Controller General of Nigeria Immigration Service
MOHAMMED BABANDEDE, Controller General of Nigeria Immigration Service

Below is a detailed review of the The Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice:

The Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Policy makers and implementers of the justice sector, and numerous concerned Nigerians have for long yearned for qualitative training that will enable Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Personnel to understand the realities of their operations in Nigeria.

Such training will supplement the guidance provided by law to justice personnel in the process of the para- military training usually given to them. The purpose will be to ensure qualitative enforcement, correction decisions and actions by criminal justice operators.


The Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (MLC) is a terminal, one year Masters Programme, designed to achieve the understated objectives.

  • To provide relevant and appropriate sociological and criminological training at post graduate level for the operators of law enforcement and administrators of justice.
  • To aid and encourage every law/security personnel to see his/her particular specialized role as only a part of the larger machinery responsible for the administration of Criminal Justice.
  • To establish the needed reciprocity between theory and practice in the area of crime prevention, control and correction in Nigerian context.
  • To further the relationship between the University and its community in pursuance of the services of the former to the latter.
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The Masters In Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice programme run during week-ends (Fridays and Saturdays). And takes a period of 12 months, broken into two semesters of equal parts, viz: January to June (1st Semester), July to December (2nd Semester).


This program is specifically designed for:

  1. Law Enforcement Personnel; e.g. the Police, State Security Services, NDLEA, Customs, Immigration, Federal Road Safety Commission, Military Police, Air Force Police, Naval Police, Prisons, etc.
  2. Administrators of Justice; e.g. Judges and Magistrates; Ministry of Justice Officials; Ministry of Police Affairs Officials, etc.
  3. Social and Juvenile Welfare Officers,
  4. Security Divisions of Large Corporate Public and Private Organizations; e.g. Central Bank, Oil Companies, NITEL, NEPA, NPA, Maritime, Commercial Banks, etc.
  5. Other policy makers and implementers in the Justice and Security sectors.
  6. Interested members of the general public.
  • Candidates pay an application fee to grant them complete access to the application form on the postgraduate application portal. However, the banks will also charge a token administrative fee in addition to the application fees.
  • The forms should be carefully filled and submitted with relevant documents.
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The Candidates should request their former Universities/Institutions to forward their academic transcript(s) to the “Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies”, within the application period.

Applications of candidates whose transcripts are not forwarded to the school shall not be processed. Transcripts being sent to Ahmadu Bello University can be ordered from any school in Nigeria via the Electronic Transcript Exchange of Nigeria (ETX-NG) – https://www.etx-ng.com/

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