IPPIS: AGF and the Other Union, A Marriage on the Verge of Disbandment

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By Sani Idris

I believe you really know who the AGF (herein referred to as Loverboy/groom/husband) is; that opportunist who fired his last bullet (IPPIS) to shot his two limbs

The salaries University staffers are being paid through IPPIS either legally or illegally has an unearthed chunk of parasitic worms inhabiting the payment platform.

Concisely, IPPIS has been introduced to impoverish the pitiable workforce, centralize corruption, and to give room for great impunity. Virtually all its advertised qualities turned to be shameful defects.


By mentioning the other union (herein referred to as fiance/ bride/ wife), your mind will automatically snapshot conglomerate of NASU, SSANU, and NAAT. Yes, you are right.

This piece tends to capture the various stages involved in how a deceitful IPPIS-marriage between the loverboy and his fiance came to reality; the horrible matrimonial experiences encountered by the bride and the forceful quest for a divorce, so that, lessons will be learned.

Indeed, every bad experience comes with it some lessons. At the end of this narration, the bride should be able to infer that, befriending a cannibal do nothing much less than transforming one to cannibalism.

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Simply put, befriending a saboteur of the education system and university autonomy automatically qualifies one a saboteur. God forbid! The bride wouldn’t like to be an accomplice to that.

The Courtship

During the peak of the courtship, the relationship between the loverboy and his fiance was lovely, enticing, and jovial. Figuratively, it could be likened to the “Romeo – Juliet relationship”.

The only thick demarcation between the two love scenarios was that, for Romeo and Juliet, it was true love, unlike IPPIS-Courtship, in which the loverboy is playing tricks to harm and subjugate the fiance.

The fiance was tactically lured through uninterrupted love messages, which cool nerves, lubricate joints, and soothes skins in order to convince her to lay her hand in marriage.

Can you recollect those pre-wedding messages: ” All your peculiarities are captured… Your salaries will increase… Instant IPPIS loan is available at low interest”. Hmmm.., the loverboy never minced words until the marriage tie was knotted and knitted.

The Enrollment Exercise (Wedding Ceremony)

A lot of sinister and lamentable games started to play out on the wedding day. Family members of the bride had to join a very long queue for wedding accreditation. Banks were choked up and printing centers alike.

Some “true” household members of the bride had to use “hand-extension strategy” either in trying to give a bribe or as a gesture of humble salutations before they could gain access to the wedding parlor. That took days and from dawn to dusk. What woe and disdain to this bride!

In this extraordinary wedding day, the groom received in full, his dowry (allowances) and palatable delicacies, while his bride was starved, molested, and extorted. A sign for betrayal. Alas!

The Post Wedding Experience

A month after the marriage, the treatment was bad and unimaginable. The first salary gave birth to nothing but a trilemma. Characteristically, there were salary slashes, omissions, mutilations, exclusions, inclusions, and deprivation.

I pitied family members of the wife especially those who were victims of circumstances. Despite the malevolent experience encountered, however, some deceptive excuses keep oozing out from the mouths of the husband and his accomplices “the habit of the husband is yet to stabilize”, …things will get to normal soon”…” you will enjoy it later”.

The maltreated wife was anxious, jittery, and bewildered, yet, somehow courageous and optimistic. Hmm…. I groaned deep within me, this traitor must not be your lifetime husband. Hope for positive changes was finally vanquished, extinguished, and truncated after receiving three months’ consecutive torments.

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Frustrated like cheetah that met her young baby bloodily lifeless, the wife was in desperate need of a divorce, especially, when the betrayer husband switched from his unholy apology mode to arrogant justification of his illegalities and irregularities. These are default characteristics of a real traitor.

The Post Divorce Solutions

ASUU and the other units should ordinarily fight for and against similar courses and be in pursuance of common goals – Good quality public education and a conducive atmosphere of service for their members.

Unfortunately, things fall apart over trivial issues that could be trashed sensibly and amicably. That should not reoccur. ASUU, in the spirit of togetherness, collectivism and progress should unfold her arms to embrace the other union and enlighten them on foreseen dangers adequately and harmoniously.

The other union should not see little misunderstanding and friction as a gate pass to separation. The leadership of both unions should restrain their members from enmity, the spread of rumors and unfounded blackmails.

I look forward to seeing a more coherent reunion coming back to Nigerian University Unionism and solidarity. University unions must learn to live together, struggle together, win together and benefit together.

Sani Idris is from the Department of Soil Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria-Nigeria.

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