The Inspiring ABU Zaria School Anthem

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That Ahmadu Bello University Zaria has one of the most beautiful and inspiring school anthem is one fact that many Abusites aren’t even aware of.

The beautiful Abu zaria school anthem, like everything about Ahmadu Bello University, is the best in the country.

Abu zaria school anthem

Below is the full lyrics of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) school anthem;

“Our school now we proclaim
From hills and valleys we have come,
To draw from the stream of knowledge,
Our duty is to succeed,
In learning,
And service
Excellence is our goal,
Ahmadu Bello University,
Here our dreams we shall achieve.

We give thanks to The Almighty Allah,
In Him we derive our strength,
We dutifully shall abide
By the ways of good learning
North to South
East to West
Your name shall always resound
Ahmadu Bello University,
A citadel of great learning”

Listen and learn The ABU Zaria School Anthem

The ABU school anthem
Abu zaria school anthem and the Nigeria national Anthem

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