ABU Zaria: A hub of love, peace, and harmony

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BY Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

In ABU Zaria, alot of great and unique things happen. Credit to whoever designed the architectural masterplan of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He or she was indeed a romantic designer. The planner must have been an intimate admirer of nature.

The school can break you academically but has the soothing balm for you just by the side. Whoever went to ABU and didn’t take away the love side of nature can never appreciate love forever.

In ABU Zaria you find the most friendly camaraderie, in that place the Igbo language is as spoken as the Hausa language, and there you find the children of the rich reduced down to the level of the poor folks. No one ever carried an air of arrogance around him or her and ever lived to tell the story of nature’s kindness. It is a meeting point of greatness.

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In ABU Zaria, a mini Nigeria was created and sustained veins of integration put in motion. Regardless of your biases, people are hurled together in one room. In no time, you have no option but to live the lives of yourselves. Bonds are established and affinities became so stimulating. Everyone is for all as all is for one.

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Barriers are broken, prejudices abused. Intimate relationships built as people love for the sake of nature. Classes are attended together, discussions held into the nights. Life is sweet, the environment is a shelter for lovebirds.

In ABU Zaria: Unique love spots

The last place to see exchange of fist is ABU zaria, you dare not cause a rift as everyone is a product of civility. At night, Ribadu garden, Sculpture garden, Archi rooftops, Sodom and Gomorrah, Mahdi followers, Gorilla gate, Drama village are embracing abodes for lovers. Life is lived in fullest. People enjoyed unhindered intimacy. You dare not violate the rules of engagement. No cases of harassment, rape and any other misnomer. Life in ABU is paradise on earth.

In ABU Zaria. Sculpture garden
ABU Sculpture garden

You can’t go to ABU and not have a friend. Friendship is cultivated and nurtured into lifetime homes. You either have an academic boyfriend or an emotional heartthrob. It is a beautiful experience.

In ABU Zaria, the only Aluta that supersede all other ALUTAS is the emotional aluta. It is damn difficult to escape that- we are all product of emotional aluta.

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Yes ABU Zaria is a hub of love, peace, and harmony but this bond is abruptly truncated the very moment you enter the mosque and the church! At that point, we are the opposite of the above virtues…

Soberly Musing.

BY Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

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