Prestigious Queen Amina hostel; the home of Queens

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By Abdullahi Haruna

I will tell you the story of this place, it’s one of the most converged places in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. It hosts daily young men and women who seek delight in the freshness of nature. You can’t be a student of this institution and not retire every evening to this place.

This is the popular Queen Amina Hostel- a resort for beautiful girls in Zaria. Girls who dwell in this hostel see themselves in the mirror of Queens. In living their assumptions, they parade around in pride and candour. Even girls in Ribadu Hostel see girls in Amina as Queens.

Queen Amina Hostel, ABU Zaria
Entrance, Great Queen Amina Hostel

The Amina common room used to be that cooling resort for lovers, where boys dressed in their best every evening in furtherance of aluta E. It used to be a common ground for lovers until the strain of religion changed everything. According to those more closer to God, they argued it is haram to have boys visit the girls in the common room.

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So ABU boys were tragically denied Amina common room and later found refuge in the entrance of the hostel. Such was the dogmatism of man, he runs away from his reality and remains stuck to his shadow. You stop the boys from reaching the girls forgetting that the world was created for girls and boys to reach consensus of being one body and soul.

This Amina Hostel, world domain of nocturnal resort where almost every male Abusites retire every day after a hard day job swotting over books. My greatest regret as an Abusite was not visiting this emotional meeting point.

All hail the great Amina hostel, the home of Queens.

Aminally musing

By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

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