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By AY Hamza Oma-Chile

When we got admission into ABU Zaria to study law. The spirit to study was very high. When you see us, you don’t need to ask which faculty we are. It always show that we are law students.

When going to the main campus in samaru, we always schedule it on Monday and Thursday so we can go on our black and white. We always want to tell the medical students in samaru that we gat more swags than them.

We don’t joke with our black and white at all, we feel like supper students, in fact, we always intimidate other Students with our black and white dressing. There is how we used to attack lecturers in class, most especially if the lecturer is not a lawyer but taking us non-law courses.

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Let me pause and salute our class Professor. Usman Dawood, Bros, I salute you Ooooh😀. We all boasted of writing nothing less than first class.

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Just a semester in the faculty of law. We sat for the legal method examination and only 5 students of our over 400 students who sat for the exam managed to score A.

We have to calm down. E get how they dey study for this faculty. No, be to dey make noise.

When new students came and were bragging, I will smile and say don’t worry, you will understand and you will calm down.

Even at this level, our seniors in the faculty keep on saying that we haven’t experienced anything yet. At 300l and 400l every student must feel it.

AY Hamza Oma-Chile is a 300l student in the Faculty of Law, ABU Zaria

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