Dr Kimeng Henry: The ABU Lecturer still Languishing in Cameroonian Jail

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Dr Kimeng Henry is an erudite scholar, distinguished Abusite, and multiple awards winning researcher who was honored by ABU Zaria during the Golden Jubilee celebration as one of our outstanding researchers in the past 50 years.

He is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering , Department of Civil Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria (A.B.U, Zaria).

Dr Kimeng Henry was born on the 12th of July 1967 at Alabukam Mankon to Mrs. Agnes Gije Kimeng (late) and late Ta Fai Ngakonfor (nee Kimeng Jonas Ndi) who was a sub-chief in Mbaa, Nwangri village in Donga/Mantung county, Southern Cameroon province.

Dr. Kimeng Henry
Dr. Kimeng Henry

He is married to Dr. Florence Azie Mbuh who holds a PhD in Microbiology from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and Doctor of Medicine(MD) from Windsor University School of Medicine St. Kitts.

They are blessed with a 19yrs old son Brian T. Kimeng a final year student in the Department of Architecture A.B.U., Zaria.

Dr Kimeng Henry is an erudite scholar and teacher and has published several papers in local and international journals and conference proceedings. He has also won several prizes and awards for his research works.

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Holcim International Switzerland awarded him and some colleagues a prize for their research work on recycled Agricultural waste for producing particleboards in 2011 and Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria followed up in 2012 recognizing him as one of her outstanding researchers in the past 50 years during the Golden Jubilee celebration of the University.

As a Consultant Engineer, he has consulted for several organisations and designed and built large buildings, cities and roads all over Nigeria.

He has also consulted for National Space Research and Development Agency Abuja Nigeria, Abucons Zaria, Gamji Nigeria Ltd among many other firms.

As a Philanthropist, he has provided scholarships, financial assistance, and help to many students from Southern Cameroons, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Liberia, and other countries.

He also led the campaign in 2017 to create awareness for the Southern Cameroonians refugees who fled their homeland into exile into Nigeria by the La Republique du Cameroun Gendarmes.

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He provided them with financial assistance, accommodation, and food to those he visited in the refugee camps.

In 2017 he was nominated the Coordinator of Southern Cameroon Refugees in Nigeria and with the Health and Social Services team; he carried out the assignment diligently and faithfully.

He was abducted together with 11 other Southern Cameroonian Leaders on January 5th 2018 by a group of armed men at Nera Hotels garden Abuja and detained in Abuja. They were later moved to Cameroon and handed over to the authorities.

Following a court hearing that international observers said violated all their rights to a fair trial, on August 20th, 2019, Dr. Kimeng and his nine compatriots were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined $525 million. Presently they are in Kondengui Principal maximum security prison Yaounde Cameroon.

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At the of his arrest, He had just completed a tour of the refugee camps in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States and organized a Christmas and New Year party with Southern Cameroonian Refugee Kids in various camps.

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His neighbors, friends, students, colleagues, and the entire Southern Cameroon Communities in Zaria and elsewhere miss him greatly. We Join the teams of his sympathizers all over the world to pray for his release and safe return to his family.

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