[COMIC😆] RAN ABU Chapter Thank ABU Students for Humanitarian Gesture

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By Idris Abdulrasheed

The Residents Rat Association of Nigeria (RAN) ABU Chapter, has deeply appreciated ABU students (especially Students of Amina & Ribadu hotels) for their kind and humanitarian gesture shown to them by leaving behind enough foodstuffs such as rice, beans, Garri and many more as palliatives for them to feed on in this lockdown and hard/trying period and moment of COVID-19.

The Association which spoke through its spokesperson, Comrade Beirah, thanked the students for this kind gesture and promised to make sure the food goes round their members by inviting those hungry from nearby farms and bushes to partake in the great love.

The President of RAN, Hon. Burugu
The President of RAN, Hon. Burugu

Comrade Beirah who spoke to Newsmen in Samaru on Sunday, 3rd May 2020 also seeks the permission of the students to quickly start eating/feeding on their clothing, shoes, bags, carpets, books, and documents as soon as the available foodstuffs finish.

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He also thanked the FG and ASUU for not allowing the students to return in time to school as this will enable them to eat well, add more weight, and sustain their ongoing war with the cats.

In his words, Beirah said; “The President of RAN in the person of Hon. Burugu, especially thanks to the Amina & Ribadu hostel guys for this uncommon gesture – those guys are sweet and lovely (blows kisses😘).

“I want to promise that we will make judicious use of the palliatives as we await more.

“The Association is deeply sorry for the current COVID-19 situation in the country, but encourage the students to please remain at home, read their books, and stay safe.

He added that with the absence of the students on campus and lack of freebies to the cats, the bullies have no option but to declare a unilateral ceasefire and ceased all attacks on the rats as their emaciated bodies can no longer support them (cats) to continue the battle.

Comrade Beirah concluded that the students are free to add more palliatives for us and should all remember to bring more foodstuffs when resuming. We love u all and God bless u. Stay home, stay safe! Long live RAN,
Long live Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

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