CAMPUS LIFE: The Best guide for Abusite Jambites

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Campus: There are about 1.4 million young Nigerians who are waiting to hear the word “Congratulations, you have being offered admission…..”; waiting to receive an admission letter that begins with it. Sadly, only about 700,000 of these students will receive the good news. But getting admission into the tertiary institution is just a tip of the iceberg.

Abu zaria campus

The sad fate of students, who have been unable to complete their tertiary education for reasons ranging from peer pressure, cultism, drugs and alcohol abuse to pure laziness should serve as an example to fresh students, but this is not always the case. Many fresh students still fall victim to these vices. Some other times, challenges could be as minor as the most affordable way to get food or the best ways to save your money.

Whatever the case may be, here is a guide to help new students thrive on campus.

Cross-section of students Living conditions Reports says that only about 25% of Nigerian University students live on campus. This means that for every student who lives on campus, there are three others who face the stressful task of commuting to and from school every day. Staying off-campus isn’t just stressful, it could sometimes be dangerous. Most incidents of campus violence usually take place off-campus.

But if you can’t make the 25%, and need to stay in an off-campus hostel, don’t be alarmed. However, ensure that you do your best to investigate your off-campus hostel. What sort of people stay there? What’s the security like? Be sure to begin searching as soon as possible to get the best deals available. If you need to share rent and board with someone else, do your best to find out about your future roommate’s character.

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Choose friends wisely.

You have probably heard it time and time again that bad company corrupts good manners. It might sound like a cliché to you, but it’s probably ageless because it’s true. No, you will not get special grades for making friends with the most popular people on campus.

So don’t be so desperate that you can do anything for friendships. Take out time to pick friends that can spur you on morally and academically. Remember that although campus streets may sometimes seem like a movie set, you’re there to get a BSc, not an Oscar for ‘Best Friendship on set.’

Start studying on time.

It could be pretty overwhelming when you get into school for the first time. There are lots of new places to learn about… let the library be one of them. Apart from registration and some periodic orientation programs, your first few weeks will be the freest you’ll ever be in your schooling career.

Too early for trouble.

There are so many things you need to prove when you get into school. That you can break the rules and get away with it is not one of them. The thing about trouble is that your record tends to stay with you and put you into more and more trouble.

If you don’t know the rules and regulations of the institution you are about to enter, find out, and if you can’t take the heat, don’t take the admission. Ask any parent; it’s more honorable to have a child stay at home than to have him expelled or suspended.

Watch your pocket.

Cut your cloth according to your size. Don’t spend money because other people are doing the same. Budget properly before spending a kobo; appropriate for giving, spending, and saving.

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Activism with caution.

Of course, you should not hesitate to fight for your rights. But be sure to do so within the rules and regulations of your institution and without violence and threats.

This Boyfriend-Girlfriend thing.

On-campus, you will most likely be surrounded by more members of the opposite sex than you have ever been in your entire life. The choice of whether or not to enter a relationship as soon as you get into school is yours. But bear in mind that you should get your priorities right, right from the start.


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