5 Best Study Skills for Successful ABU Students

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By Chila Andrew Aondofa

The big day has finally arrived, and you are officially a student of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. A dream come true! Then you commence lectures (without Study Skills), excited by this big step you’ve taken towards your dream and the beautiful ABU environment.

Then you seat in one of the large ABU lecture theaters fascinated by everything you’ve seen and spent the rest of the day feeling thankful for how fortunate you are to finally get to study at the largest University in Sub-Saharan Africa and what you have passed through to get to this point!

Study Skills for Students Who Want to Succeed in ABU

Before you know, the exams have come and gone! Then suddenly, you heard the scariest sentence in ABU; “DEY DON PASTE RESULTS”! And BOOM!! ABU has cleared your doubt. You found out that, as excited as you were when you first started, you couldn’t translate your enthusiasm into high grades. If that has happened to you, you’re not alone.

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Almost (if not) all Abusites faced the same reality check at some point. Studying in ABU Zaria is an intense, unique and “special” experience that requires building some unique and special set of new skills. Developing and utilizing these unique sets of skills will make your ABU studies easier and more fruitful.

Below are the five study skills that will help you to excel at ABU Zaria:

#1: Master the art of Note-taking

It happens to everyone. Sometimes we think we’ll remember something without writing it down because we feel it is too important to be forgotten. But we get inundated with so much other stuff – Facebook, Instagram, economic issues, family stuff, etc.

Taking Notes is the most important aspect of your study in ABU. Note just taking notes, but taking them effectively in a Language, manner, and style that you will comprehend and assimilate better. It’s important to get familiar with note-taking strategies, and finding the one that best fits you.

Some of these strategies include: paying attention to boldface words and headings, reworking main ideas into concepts that are easily understood, being attentive to captions, using different modes of note-taking, including highlighters, sticky notes, index cards, graphs, charts, and diagrams and making sure the notes were taken answer/to reference the objectives and questions that accompany each lesson.

#2: Use The Mind Maps Framework

A mind map is a kind of framework. It is a way of helping you to organize, visualize and summarize. Its purpose is to give you a better way to store information on one page. Many topics can be studied and revised easier and more meaningfully by making a mind map.

Many people find that visual elements help them retain information better in their studies, if you’re one of them, we recommend using mind maps. Mind maps can be made by hand or by using a special program on the computer and are used to: take notes in class, find main ideas, revise for the exam, and brainstorm ideas.

#3: Read to Yourself Out Loud

Some people memorize best through sound. If you identify yourself as one of them, try reading your course materials to yourself out loud. ABU has an abundance of private and serene locations where you can read to yourself out loud.

You can also do that in your room and you can as well record yourself. Then, take the recording and listen to it like you will listen to your favorite music on your phone via your headsets. Sometimes you need to hear things more than once, to fully remember or understand them.

#4: Teach Others

A great way to get a deep understanding of new material is by teaching it to others. If you have a friend you can study with, perhaps even any other Abusite who’s having challenges with the material, topic or course, you can offer them to study together.

When you teach others, you get a chance to better understand the materials yourself. You need to answer questions that make you go deeper, figuring out problems you didn’t even realize exist.

#5: Improve Your Time Management Skills

Many ABU students feel like time is managing them. They’re torn between attending classes, doing their assignments, going to work, Reading, taking care of family issues, attending religious events, attending tutorials, finding time to eat and sleep, Etc.

It gets overwhelming, and it is easy to get to a breaking point. That, in turn, can make you even less productive and successful in ABU Zaria. Good time management is planning ahead—weeks, months and semesters. 

Organize your study as effectively as possible. Planning ahead saves time, worry and energy. The next step is prioritizing your tasks – decide which tasks are most important and should be completed first. 

Other tips for time management are to not put off a small task, dividing complex tasks into small tasks, and fixing up your work environment to make it clean and less destructive.

Bottom line

Whatever your level of brilliance and assimilation, having a good set of study skills and techniques is crucial for your academic success at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria.

The list of study skills is inexhaustible and there are many study techniques and skills that you can adopt. Start with picking a few you think will work best for you. Try them for a while and see how they work for you. If you don’t feel an improvement you can always try something different later. Keep experimenting until you find what brings you the best results.

Chila Andrew Aondofa is the founder of The Abusites Platform

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