12 Weird Things That Won’t Suprise An ABUSITE

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We all love our great AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY (ABU) ZARIA. As Abusites we share a lot in common. Below are some of the funny things we all do and share in common.

As an Abusite, You ask your friends how far with reading? They say they haven’t started… only to get to the LIBRARY and find out they have a permanent seat.

As an Abusite - Kashim Ibrahim Library
Sir Kashim Ibrahim Library – KIL

You graduate with 2.20 and you will be telling yourself. If it was to be FUL… I would have been a 3.20 graduate by now.

As an Abusite, If you think true love is the only thing that is hard to find… try looking for your HOD when you need his signature on a form.

As an Abusite on the ABU campus, you don’t need to go far for anything… right in your hostel, you have an electrician, painter, carpenter, plumber (even a drug dealer).😅

As an ABU Student, You will discover that ABU guys can configure free browsing on small Nokia torchlight phone. (I no mention Yahoo join o. Lol).

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As an ABU Student, You get to class as early as 6.30 am only to see that all seats have been occupied by bags & books and you begin to wonder abi dem de leave am for school go back house?🤔 You have already prepared food but to eat na wahala because you’re already late for lectures.

A Lecturer walks into a 6 am Class and found Only 10 students in the class. LECTURER: ONLY 10 STUDENTS IN CLASS? Oya! Tear a sheet of paper for test…. The lecturer turns to the board to write. Before he turns back——-class don full. Test Canceled.

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As an Abusite, You go to night class to read during exams and you go see different levels of reading. Scanning, Skimming, Jacking and lots more.

As an ABU Student, During exams, u will know those ABU girls who are actually beautiful and those who are not. The examination period is like war times. Makeup is no longer important. Everyone becomes born- again by force.

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As an Abusite, It’s always funny when the exam supervisor says SUBMIT!! And many students suddenly develop that superhuman ability; answering 3hrs question in a twinkling of an eye… I pity the lecturers that mark such scripts😂.

As an ABU Student, sometimes you wonder why an ABU security man is as powerful as your lecturers.. Especially at north gate and during exams.

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