How ABU Students Express themselves via Toilet Journalism! – By Abdullahi Haruna

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In our heydays in ABU Zaria, ‘Toilet Journalism’ was the best way of passing messages and expressing grievances! All public toilets in Kashim Ibrahim Library, Mosques, Churches and departments were used by students to throw banters and jibes.

Lecturers are usually the worst hit as the students hurl worded missiles at them endlessly.

How ABU Students Pass Messages through Toilet Journalism!  - By Abdullahi Haruna

This platform also served as a screen box for religious intolerance as both faithful take out time to remind us about the supremacy of their religions.

Student leaders also take their share of the barrage as they come under the hammers of these ‘Toilet Journalists’.

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Strange enough, a user of the toilet is compelled to spend nearly an hour in there, not because of the heaviness of his bowel but because of the engaging graffiti on the toilet walls.

I don’t know about the girls’ toilets because I didn’t ever enter any.

If you were in ABU and didn’t practice ‘Toilet Journalism’ then you are on a long thing. Nostalgically musing

By Abdullahi O. Haruna Heruspiece, Publisher/Editor In Chief at World Entourage Magazine

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