Hope for An ABU Recharge Card Seller as Abusites Launch intervention to help Re-establish him

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Succour seems to be coming the way of Mallam Yakubu, A long time recharge card seller in ABU Zaria after a group of Abusites led by a media personality and publisher, Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice, and Dr. Muhammad Hashim, A lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, ABU Zaria launched an appeal fund to rehabilitate him.

Malam Yakubu who is himself an Abusite graduated with a BSc in sociology from ABU in 1997. He has been selling recharge cards in front of the popular Suleiman Hall in the Samaru campus of the University for more than 20yrs.

The Appeal came after Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice posted an appreciation message on his Facebook timeline celebrating Mallam Yakubu for the good things he did to him and other students during their undergraduate days.

Haruspice wrote, “This is Mallam Yakubu, one of those guys that hawk recharge cards in ABU Samaru campus- Suleiman Hall to be precise. He has been around forever, we met him and left him in Zaria, so did others. In the era of ‘send me card make I sell’, Yakubu was readily available to buy our vouchers.

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“No time I visited Zaria that I don’t pay homage to this guy who once lends me N1000 to feed after exhausting my pocket stipends. When I eventually returned his money he said, ‘Haruna, I’m surprised you return this money, must students I lend money never returns them oh’!

“Mallam Yakubu, even though you are not here on social media, I wish to celebrate and appreciate you this morning. Like always, I shall always visit you whenever I’m in Zaria In Sha Allah. Appreciatively musing.” He concluded.

Moved by the story, and testimonies of other Abusites, people reached out to help Mallam Yakubu, re-establish himself by coordinating donations to him. Dr. Muhammad Hashim has agreed to coordinate all the efforts and is currently receiving donations on behalf of Mallam Yakubu.


The turn out has been impressive so far as more than one hundred thousand naira was raised in the first 24hrs. Dr. Hashim Said, “So far concerning our intervention to help Mallam Yakubu, the long time helper of students in their hour of need, the following monies have so far been realized:

  1. Sama’ila Ahmad; ₦1000
  2. Yusuf Abdulmmin; ₦2000
  3. Abdulhakim Ibrahim; ₦1000
  4. Adejo Sam Okedi; ₦50, 000
  5. Adamu Alhasan Umar; ₦10, 000
  6. Kamaludeen Ahmad Kamaludeen; ₦2000
  7. Sani Sanni Islamiat Okikiola; ₦20, 000
  8. Eragbe Anslem; ₦5000
  9. Helpline Foundation/Ahmadu Jumai; ₦20, 000
  10. Isma’il Halisa; ₦1000
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Total money so far realised as at day one = ₦112,000.00

“Let’s give more to help Malam Yakubu. He helped us in our different hours of need. Let’s make humanity go round, let’s give to help him in his hour of need.

ABU Recharge Card Seller and Dr Hashim
Mal.Yakubu (left) and Dr. Hashim

“I was with the man today. He just had an eye operation. Children of his relatives just managed to get him married three weeks ago. He said he used to have the capital to do business but the capital was stolen (250 000 naira) in the common room of Suleiman hall. Now, he picks recharge cards (less than 10,000 naira) from dealers. He sells the cards, gets the little profit, and return the capital to be given another set of recharge cards.

“I’m more worried about his failing health. He is losing his sight. He just had an eye operation and even the eye operation was through the sponsorship of a politician.” He concludes

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This is a chance for Abusites to show the difference as usual. You can make your contribution pls, whatever is realized would be used to set this man up who presently is battling eye problems.


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