8 Ways to Give ABU Lecturers the Respect They Deserve

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Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria has remained a great citadel of learning because our ABU lecturers are some of the hardest working people out there. Not only are they hard-working, but they are also committed to imparting knowledge and dedicated to teaching younger generations and ensuring that their students leave their class a more knowledgeable person than they were before they entered it.

No wonder, ABU students are naturally ahead of the rest. As a way of saying thank you and motivating them to do more, it is important to take the time to show your ABU lecturers that you appreciate and respect their sacrifice!

ABU LECTURERS: 8 Ways to Give Them the Respect They Deserve
Prof Ladi Adamu
Ways to show respect to ABU Lecturers
  • Pack up ONLY when they dismiss you

Very few things are more annoying, distracting and disrespectful to both fellow students and your ABU lecturers than the sound of backpacks, zipping, papers ruffling and things being shifted around during the last few minutes of a class. It’s disrespectful to the lecturers and a disturbance to those who are trying to listen to instruction.

Oftentimes, ABU lecturers will purposely close the class with a piece of important information or assign homework at the very end of the lecture with vital specific rules, making it easy to miss with all of the commotions. It then has the potential to delay the class’s agenda because some students will take extra time to ask the lecturer to repeat the instructions.

  • Thank them for their efforts.
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Remember that ABU Lecturers are probably just as unhappy about being at school or a 7 am class as you are. Although they do not have to take tests or write papers on a regular basis, they do have the grueling task of conveying complicated information to sometimes confused students. Thanking them for their efforts in making you a more intellectual, well-rounded human being is the least you can do!

  • Don’t argue with them.

While you might not agree with everything they say and some classroom environments permit a constructive debate, it is incredibly rude and disrespectful to contradict them otherwise especially publicly. Remember that your lecturers are the ones who control whether you pass or fail the course!

If at all you disagree strongly with something they say or a topic, instead of “attacking” them in the presence of other students and forming guru, you can visit their office and seek clarification in a friendly and respectful manner.

  • Use their proper title.

Nothing annoys an ABU lecturer than omitting their hard-earned title from their names. Most of our Lecturers have continued their education to get their Ph.D., meriting them the title of “Doctor _.” while some have attained the exalted position of professor. You dare not omit that from their names for whatever reason. If I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t find that funny either.

I would not want to pay all of that extra tuition money, study that much harder and get that much less sleep without people recognizing my degree!

  • Respect the classroom environment.
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Having respect for classmates and the classroom environment is another way to show respect to your ABU Lecturers. Everything runs a lot smoother when all students in a classroom have respect for each other. Discussions are civil and differences in opinions are understood and accepted, rather than argued. Mutual respect for peers creates a healthy and collaborative learning environment, and a lecturer will very much appreciate being able to teach the class without any excess drama.

  • Show interest in the subject.

More than likely, if someone chooses to dedicate his or her life to teaching a certain subject, he or she really enjoys the said subject. Imagine being passionate about something, but spending hours every day teaching people who loathe it. Not only that but trying to convince people why they should think it’s awesome. Asking questions, staying attentive and making relevant comments make grueling classes much easier, for both the lectures and students!

  • Don’t use your phone.
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Nothing distracts abusites during lectures than mobile phones. You may sit there texting and thinking the lecturer doesn’t notice but trust me they are seeing you and not finding that funny. Come to think of it, if you’re going to sit there and text for an hour, why are you even in class? ABU Lecturers don’t find that funny and you can show them some respect and keep away your phone(s) during lectures

  • Don’t be late for class

Coming late to class at Ahmad Bello University is a big deal and Most ABU lecturers will not even allow a late student into their class. Late students can throw off a class’s schedule, cause disruptions and convince a lecturer that they do not care enough about the class to arrive on time.

Tardiness once or twice, of course, maybe unavoidable to some, but when it comes to ABU Zaria, it is a big deal. Please try to put a little more pep in your step and always get yourself to class on time! The old adage “Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable.” applies here.

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