8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

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Ahmadu Bello University Zaria has a great set of lecturers made up of varieties of characters. While all Abusites may agree that all ABU lecturers are brilliant personalities with good knowledge of their various courses of study, we may not agree that the same applies to their various individual traits and characters.

Below are the 8 Types of Lecturers you’ll find in ABU


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

There is no department in ABU Zaria without one or two of this category of lecturers. They don’t take nonsense at all and have multiple rules. You dare not come late to their class or even contemplate missing their lectures especially if it’s one of those fixed. Even if the class is at 3 am, Abusites will surely attend.

This category of ABU lecturers can sometimes request for your notes at the end of the semester. You’ll just be thinking, “Am I in secondary school or university?” I wish I can ask that one in the faculty of social sciences if he use to actually check the notes.😀


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

Abusites can you relate? This category of ABU lecturers is dominated by females although we have few males amongst them. They use half or more of there allotted lecture time to preach (directly or indirectly) and to talk about morality and societal decay. They don’t judge, but you dare not sag your trousers, dress in a certain way or enter their class looking anyhow.

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They will just use you to preach for that day and the class is over. They seriously frown at indecency and can never overlook it.


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

“A belongs to God, B belongs to me, C belongs to the brilliant ones among you, D belongs to the ones who are trying, E and F belong to everybody. By the way, don’t read for a First Class. You can never get it.” bla bla bla🙄

Does that sound familiar? We don’t have much of them in ABU but I have seen at least one of them in all the departments that I am familiar with. Abusites fear them like the devil and they just derived joy in tormenting and making students sad. I wonder if that one in French department is still around. Abusites familiar with that terrain can relate🤐🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

Do you have any of them in your department? This category of ABU lecturers is not here to teach, just to sell you handouts and books. Despite the fact that this act is illegal in ABU and the University management is strict about it, they still ffinda way to beat the system and sell their worthless books.

My brother, you must buy these books not because the books are relevant or its content will come out in the exam, but because your name on the list of those who paid is what will help you pass the exams. I took a particular language course in the faculty of art and was forced to part with my money for a book I never opened till this day.


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

Quote me anywhere! These set of lecturers have no business being in the classroom. At least not in ABU. The thing is that they are actually brilliant folks. Most graduated with first-class and were employed based on their excellent results but they find it difficult to transmit that knowledge into students.

Maybe they weren’t born to be teachers in the first place. Honestly, this category of lecturers doesn’t even know what they’re teaching. They will just come in, do their abracadabra and in the end, they’ll leave you more confused than you were before they came. Abusites am I communicating?


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

Of course, we don’t mean that they feed on some weed or abuse substances. This set of lecturers are just “positive radicals” who are not really fans of the system. Call them whatever name you like but they are the student’s lecturers and love to hang out and understand with the students.

They can’t stand to see students being cheated and generally don’t have rules and protocols around them. They are the ones you can go to when you feel oppressed and will stand with you all the way. Most of the lecturers in this category are viewed in a”certain way” by their colleagues and we can understand why! The students of International Studies can you relate?


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I call them the Mentors. This category of ABI lecturers is the nicest set of people you can come across. They treat you like their own biological child even when you are not. They can call to check or you, give you a ride in their car, invite you to meet there family, guide you in any way possible, assist you with money sometimes, and are always genuinely concerned about how you are coping and whatever challenge you may have. You can’t help but love them.


8 Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In ABU Zaria

There is never a dull moment in the class of this category of ABU lecturers. They are never short of jokes and you can never be bored in their class. Sometimes, when the class ends, you will realize you didn’t actually gain much. But you’ll still be happy to attend the next class and the class after that because of the fun. These types of ABU lecturers are very friendly and good at their jobs. Don’t be carried away by their jokes and you will learn a lot from their class.

The bottom line

It’s safe to say that both the good, the bad and the ugly can be found among ABU lecturers. Of course we still love them the way they are. Besides, the combination of this brilliant individuals with different characters coming together to mold us into who we have become, is what gives us an edge over the rest and keep Abusites naturally ahead

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