16 Glamorous Pictures That Prove ABU Is The Most beautiful Campus In Nigeria

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Ahmadu Bello University – ABU is one of the first generation universities in Nigeria. And the only to have produced the greatest personalities in the country. No doubt.

This institution is also believed to be the most beautiful campus in Nigeria due to its architectural designs and landscapes.

Others say it’s the best in Africa.

In any case, some Nigerian students do not seem to believe this narrative.

But let’s settle this today.

We have some pictures that prove that Ahmadu Bello University is the most beautiful campus.

And if you do not agree with us, you can send us your campus pictures if you think these OAU pictures are overrated.

Just look at the beautiful pictures below


The architectural design of Fine Art department….
Ahmadu Bello University Centre of Excellence…Still under construction…
Abu Kashim Ibrahim Library
Sir Kashim Ibrahim Library. ABU has the largest library than in any Nigerian campus…
Abu senate building
And the amazing stucture of ABU senate buiding
Abu geography department
The famous walk way by Geography department…
Abu micro biology
Faculty of Pharmacy
Abu zaria
Abu zaria campus
A view of the campus
Abu gardens
Abu law library
Faculty of Law Library
Abu round about
Abu administration faculty
Section of the Faculty of Administration Kongo
Abu water tank tower
Abu zaria sign post
Abu beautiful
Abu zaria

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