100 Level ABU Students: Now is the Best Time to Wake Up. By Anas Galadima

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To the 100 level ABU students, “What doesn’t kill a man makes him stronger” __African Proverb

The long awaited result for the first semester of 2018/2019 session was displayed recently to the students of various Department of the great Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

As a tradition, many have seen the expected and below expected as it happens whenever results are released. It also left many into a state of confusion about their performance in the previous semester. But whatever the scenario, one should always tell him/herself that the previous semester is gone and we are now into a fresh semester; an opportunity for one to improve or correct the ills of the past.

100 Level ABU Students

I would like to lay emphasis on the newly admitted students in some departments whom have seen their results for the first time. It is a great time to tighten your belt and face the challenges ahead.

In other to do that successfully, I wish to suggest some five (5) possible ways you can improve yourselves academically:

  • Never miss a class as there are a lot to learn in the classroom, not just some jotting but the funny stuff to share with your lecturers during classes help one to think and remember some important points during the examination.
  • There was this saying that “He who failed to plan, planned to fail”. Plan your time very well, and always remember that there is time for everything. Reduce the unnecessary ups and downs around the institution. Take your time to read and relax when you feel exhausted.
  • The second semester is specifically known for countless of intra and inter campus events. Ahmadu Bello University is a vast institution. It is a state of its own. Whatever perspective you chose to take, ABU will aid you be it academic perspective or contrary. If I may advise you I can tell you to limit the number of programs, events and functions you attend in the institution. Though they say “All work no play makes jack a dull boy”. But never dull yourself academically by engaging yourself into more unnecessary events that will not lift you academically.
  • They said “Show me your friends, I will tell you who you are” Make good friends that are more into their primary assignment than that “Chilling” of a thing. Don’t be alone, depression is real, work in group and help one another.
  • Lastly, take this important, we usually organize tutorials for those that are slow in learning or want to refresh their memory. But the saddening part of it is that we usually end up with few people attending the tutorials. We are all students like you and we need ample time to study also but we choose to inconvenient ourselves and dedicate our time to ensure your success. Please, if you are not good in a course whenever a tutorial is fixed try and attend because that will help you a lot.
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Anas A. Galadima is from Building Department and is the current Vice-President of National Association of Building Students (NAOBS) ABU Zaria and also the Honorary General Secretary of NAOBS National Body.

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